Home Invasion Attack

Attacked by a Criminal Caregiver - My name is Karin Willison. I was born with cerebral palsy and use a wheelchair, but I’ve never let that stop me. I fought against the odds to move across the country, attend Stanford University, and live an independent and fulfilling life in LA and later San Diego, California. I earned my Master’s degree, and […]
Part 1: Shattered -  In November 2014, I was the victim of a violent home invasion robbery committed by a former IHSS home caregiver and her boyfriend. The attack and subsequent death threats forced me to move, and destroyed my life. This is my story.   November 28, 2014 started out badly. I’d had a quiet Thanksgiving the day […]
Part 2: Lucky? -   I got up the next morning feeling numb. I had slept for a few hours, but kept waking with my thoughts racing, imagining what would’ve happened if C hadn’t been there. Would he have beaten me? Raped me? Tortured my dogs? Or just made me lie there helplessly and watch as he took everything I own? Every […]
Part 3: The Letter -   My first call on Monday morning was to my IHSS social worker. The call went to voicemail, as it always did, so I left a brief message describing what had happened. I told her that an IHSS registered caregiver was involved, and said it was urgent that she call me back so that steps […]
Part 4: A House is Not a Home - I hardly slept that night. How could I when my beloved dogs were at home alone and an anonymous monster was continuing to threaten our lives? In the morning, I immediately made some phone calls and arranged for them to spend the night at the veterinarian. Via a friend, I found a woman who boarded […]
Part 5: Goodbye -   It was a beautiful sunny morning when a caregiver and I loaded the van full of suitcases and dogs and drove away from San Diego forever. We were going to a place where I would be safe, though not a place I had ever dreamed I would choose to live. As the days grew cold […]
Part 6: No Place Like Home - Nobody ever warns you how expensive it is to be a victim. On top of the terror, the nightmares, the loss of safety and even the sense of home, there are the practical considerations. Each bill that never should have existed brings up the pain and the anger all over again, and makes life even […]
Easy Targets: How California’s IHSS Program Endangers People with Disabilities - My name is Karin Willison. I was born with cerebral palsy and use a wheelchair, but I’ve never let that stop me. I fought against the odds to move across the country, attend Stanford University, and live a fulfilling life in LA and later San Diego, California. I earned my Masters degree, started my own […]
The Case Against IHSS -  Why California’s State home care program should be held liable for crimes committed by its employees The following is my analysis of legal liability surrounding IHSS, and what would be required to find the state of California partially responsible for the home invasion robbery I suffered. I am not an attorney, and nothing in this document […]
Update: Relief and Joy - I have some good news to share. On May 19, 2015, Jennifer Lynne Martinez, aka Jennifer Alarcon, the former IHSS caregiver who orchestrated the home invasion robbery, and stole my personal information to defraud and threaten me, was arrested. She is charged with three felonies related to identity theft and burglary, and is being held […]
Home Invasion Robbery Attackers Arrested in String of Burglaries During Funerals - The news is out, and so there is no need to hold back their names anymore. The former caregiver who orchestrated the attack on me is Jennifer Lynn Martinez aka Jennifer Alarcon, and her boyfriend Herbert Jon Cruz is the masked gunman who invaded my home, held me and my caregiver at gunpoint, and threw me out […]
Sarena Moore Sarena Moore, Bullet the Service Dog, and Gun Violence - Her name was Sarena Moore, and her service dog Bullet’s name is now tragically ironic. She was studying business at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, gaining skills to pursue her dream of starting a therapeutic horse riding ranch for children with disabilities. She herself was disabled and used a wheelchair. Sarena died October 1, […]
One Year Later - One year ago, my life changed forever. One day, I was enjoying a simple but peaceful Thanksgiving. The next, I was staring down the barrel of a gun, feeling a stranger pulling me from my wheelchair and leaving me helpless on the floor. I laid there not knowing if I would be shot, and whether […]
prison Herbert Cruz, Jennifer Martinez Plead Guilty in Home Invasion Robbery, Death Threats - On February 2, 2016, Herbert Jon Cruz and Jennifer Lynne Martinez plead guilty to multiple felony charges for the home invasion robbery and death threats they committed against me and my caregiver “C” on Nov. 28, 2014 in San Diego, CA. On March 3, they will be formally sentenced. Herbert Cruz (also known as Herbie […]
Lady Gaga Oscars 2016 It Happens to Us: Violence Against People with Disabilities - Lady Gaga’s powerful Oscars performance of “Til It Happens to You” brought attention to an issue that affects far too many people with disabilities. Along with much of the world, I was brought to tears by Lady Gaga’s powerful performance of “Til It Happens to You” at the Oscars. I was especially moved by the […]
Long, winding road through mountains and forest. Why Did a Deaf Man Attack Me, a Fellow Person With a Disability? - Two years ago today, my life changed forever. On the morning of November 28, 2014 I was attacked in my home by a masked intruder, who held me and my caregiver at gunpoint and threw me out of my wheelchair. My caregiver courageously escaped and ran to call the police, causing him to flee and […]
Suburban home. How to Protect Yourself From Abuse by Caregivers When You Have a Disability - When you or a loved one has a disability or is aging, you may need to hire a caregiver. A caregiver can be a family member, personal care attendant, home health aide, nurse, school aide or CNA. No matter what their title, they have an essential and trusted role — to assist with someone’s personal […]


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